Too many Americans lose most of their assets each year as a result of uncovered health care expenses. Those unfortunate people are victims of what has become known as “the long-term care crisis.”

Long-term care – like home health care, assisted living, adult day and nursing home care – represents the greatest health expense faced by older Americans. Yet, it is the only major expense that is not covered by private health insurance, Medicare or Medicare supplements or conventional health insurance.

Much of this serious national problem is caused by common misconceptions about how those programs provide benefits for long-term care.We want to make sure that you and your family don’t share those misconceptions which can literaly impoverish you and your family.

We strongly believe that your financial portfolio may need to include a long-term care insurance policy. Without it, careful financial planning can be wasted if long-term care is needed. And, as our website shows, the odds are very high that it will be needed at some time, especially home health care.

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